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Oh hey there

My name is Krissy, and I am a calligrapher, Watercolor Artist, and stationery designer based in westchester, New York!

My life pretty much revolves around my dog Holly,My Sweet Boyfriend casey, watercolor paper, and this wonderful business I am so grateful i get to call mine! 


You could probably find me searching Netflix for a scary movie I haven’t seen yet, blasting John Mayer, drinking AN XL cup of coffee, or rolling around on the floor with my big pup Holly.. (not necessarily all at the same time).

When I’m not doing any of those absurd things, I’m almost always drawing, painting, or creating something. My entire life I grew up loving art and illustration. It wasn’t until 2016 when I figured out what calligraphy was, which soon became a serious addiction.

Endless practice, and a lot of learning along the way, and here we are! 

Watercolor and calligraphy are my passions and I hope to bring my love  through in the work created for you!