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This section specifies who is hosting, bride's parents, groom's parent's, both parents, couple hosting, etc.
To Address Parents
There are many ways to do this but here are examples for formal/casual!
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Please write your names how you would like them on the invitation.
Please note: Between 8am-11:55am: “…in the morning” Between 12pm-4:55pm: “…in the afternoon” Between 5pm+ : “…in the evening” Any :15, :30 – “…a quarter/half past four in the afternoon”
Please indicate how you would like yours written with the correct date & time information
Please write your venue and address as you would like it to appear.
RSVP title
I suggest putting the response date at least one month before your wedding date
For the Guests options for saying "yes" and "no" for attending
Other info for RSVP cards
The are so many ways to arrange an RSVP card! So find what works best for you special day!
Title for Insert Card
If you are adding a details card, this is for you!